Vietnam Health Insurance – Getting Health Insurance in Vietnam

Vietnam Health Insurance – Getting Health Insurance in Vietnam

In this day and age, it’s extremely important to have a solid health insurance plan in place to cover any eventuality. This is even more important if you are an expat living aboard or travel for business. Are you currently living or working in Vietnam and want to ensure you have all bases covered in regards to health insurance?

We can help you to find the most solid health insurance coverage in Vietnam that can cover any eventuality from medical emergencies to accidents, dental care and everything in between. It’s always important to make sure you are protected at all times, because who knows what can happen in life.

Why Do I Need Health Insurance in Vietnam?

Doing business or living as an expat in South-East-Asian nations really is living the dream. But if you are not covered by a solid health insurance plan, dreams can turn sour quickly. However, as Vietnam grows and becomes more modern and appeals to a wide cross-section of people across the planet, its medical scene, and its international hospital options are plentiful. With international hospitals and services comes international prices, and if you do not have medical insurance, you will have to pay the price from your own pocket, and it can be extremely costly.

In the event of a medical emergency or accident, if you do not have medical insurance on hand, you could be taken to a local Vietnamese hospital. And although there is nothing wrong with a local hospital per se, you will not receive the same exceptional standards you would find in a 5-star international hospital. Expats in Vietnam routinely get caught without medical insurance, end up in an international hospital and then have trouble paying the bill. This is the major reason why having health insurance in Vietnam is extremely important for a foreign expat.

Customized Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage

In regards to choosing the correct health insurance plan in Vietnam that suits you, it’s essential that you customize your plan to meet your specific needs and budget. Here are some things to consider when making your choices.

Are you a short term visitor on holiday?

If you are going to be in Vietnam for a short time period on holiday, it might be simpler to get travel insurance before you arrive in your home country. However, if you frequently travel to Vietnam or are here regularly on business, getting medical insurance in Vietnam is essential.

Are you a foreign expat or resident living in Vietnam?

It is imperative as an expat or resident living in a foreign country that you have a quality medical insurance plan in place with a reputable provider. It is even more important to get covered if you are over 55 years old and living in Vietnam. We can help you to find the perfect Vietnam medical insurance plan that suits your exact requirements so you can rest easy in bed at night.

Are you’re a Vietnamese national who needs health insurance?

If you are a Vietnamese national who wants health insurance so you are covered at international hospitals across the nation, getting coverage is also essential. We can help you to find medical insurance solutions for you and your family.

Here are some of the medical insurance options in Vietnam that you need to consider when customizing your health insurance package: 

  • Comprehensive Coverage: It’s imperative that you obtain a medical insurance package that combines both accidents and medical emergencies. These are the two most important facets of a solid health insurance plan.
  • 24/7 Around-The-Clock Coverage: Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. You need a plan that is open 24/7 with reliable online and/or telephone support.
  • Covers International Hospitals: If you are paying for a medical insurance plan in Vietnam, you need to ensure it covers the services of international hospitals. You do not want to find yourself in a local Vietnamese hospital when you could be in a luxurious 5-star international hospital.
  • Diagnostic Cover: If you add diagnostic coverage to your medical plan, you will be covered for blood tests and other diagnostic tests that are sometimes needed. This type of plan can also cover the costs of any prescription drugs you might need.
  • Dental Care Coverage: One of the most expensive treatments in Western nations can be dental care. You can add dental care coverage added to your plan if needed. This will cover routine check-ups and even accidental damages to your teeth or gums.

Health Insurance Benefits for Expats in Vietnam

We have already discussed why it’s important for expats in Vietnam to get medical insurance, but what are some of the other key benefits that we sometimes overlook?

Helping hand in times of trouble

As an expat living in a foreign land, we are not always acclimatized to how things work in Vietnam, and especially when dealing with international hospitals. By purchasing a solid health insurance plan with a reputable provider, they will be there to help you along the way and to make sure things run smoothly. It’s important to have someone you trust by your side in times of trouble.

Peace of mind

Having peace of mind is one of the most important things in life, especially where our health care is concerned. Knowing that you are covered for any medical or health-related eventuality is essential for your own happiness. It doesn’t matter if you are a single person, a retiree, expat, resident or have a family, having access to the best international standard medical treatment is the ultimate peace of mind.

Are you ready to purchase medical health insurance in Vietnam? Do you need help to customize your packages to meet your own requirements? Let us help you to find the most hassle-free health insurance options in Vietnam today. Contact us immediately so you are covered because who knows what can happen in this fragile thing we call life. 


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