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Vietnam is one of the fast-growing destinations for foreign expats looking for an affordable yet inviting place to live in SE-Asia. The nation is moving forward in massive leaps and bounds in terms of its welcoming visa requirements for expats and its range of international standard hospitals. With a colorful culture, all-year-round high temperatures and a laid-back atmosphere and environment, more expats and Western retirees than ever before are seriously considering living in Vietnam as a viable option.

Although living in a subtropical paradise such as Vietnam is a fantastic option, it is ultra-important that you have a reliable health insurance plan in place. Whether you are already an expat living in the country or are considering moving here long-term, let us help you to understand why it’s imperative you have a solid Vietnam expat health insurance plan.

Do Foreign Expats Need a Vietnam Health Insurance Plan?

If you are an expat living in Vietnam and you currently do not have a health insurance plan, this guide is for you. As long-term residents, it’s only natural that at some point that you might need medical assistance in some form, especially if you are nearing retirement age. The Vietnamese government is always striving to ensure a majority of their population have health insurance, but as an expat, you need to take care of your own best interests.

As with any country with a tropical climate, fevers and other tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and rabies can still be common problems. You need a solid Vietnam health insurance package that can cover any eventuality and allows you access to the nation’s best international hospitals.

Vietnamese Health Industry and Medical Facilities

The international medical and health industry in Vietnam has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. In this day and age, all the major cities and tourist areas have access to 5-star international hospitals.

The vast majority of expats and Vietnamese residents live in or close to the major cities of Ho Chi Mihn and Hanoi. As major cities, they have access to the most modern international hospitals. Da Nang and Nha Trang are also popular places where foreign expats tend to live.

If you are an expat living in the nation’s capital, Ho Chi Minh, some of the most popular international hospitals are:

  • Vinmec International Hospital Central Park
  • France-Vietnam (FV) Hospital
  • City International Hospital (CIH)
  • Hanh Phuc International Hospital

Alternatively, if you are currently live in Hanoi and want to know the best international hospital choices in the city, these are the most highly recommended:

  • Vinmec International General Hospital
  • Japanese International Eye Hospital (JIEH)
  • Thu Cuc International General Hospital
  • Hanoi French Hospital (HFH)

The major international hospital brands such as Vinmec and the Hanoi French Hospital offer medical services and an environment that is akin to a 5-star hotel. They are adept at dealing with international patients and offer some of the most modern medical services you will find in SE-Asia. With so many high-quality international hospitals in Vietnam, you need to ensure you have medical insurance that covers everything.

What happens if you are an expat caught without medical insurance?

Medical insurance for expats in Vietnam is not compulsory, but by not having coverage, you could find yourself in a sticky situation if you have an accident or encounter a medical emergency.

If you are a foreign expat and have an accident, it is highly possible that you will be taken directly to an international hospital, and if you are not fully insured, it can easily cost you thousands of dollars in charges. Without an insurance plan, you will be expected to foot the bill from your pocket, which could be problematic depending on the price. It is a very regular occurrence for both expats and travelers alike to have these issues when not having medical insurance.

If you do not have a health insurance plan that covers international hospitals, you could end up in a local Vietnamese state hospital. Local hospitals can still provide a meaningful service, but they can be very hit and miss, and you do not want to play games with your health.

The Benefits of Health Insurance Coverage in Vietnam

If you are an expat in Vietnam who is currently considering your health insurance options, it is important to ask yourself some questions.

What would happen if you had an accident or needed emergency medical treatment? What would you do? And who could help you in your time of need?

The benefits of having health insurance are you will have access to medical experts 24-hours per day, seven days per week, any time of the day or night. Having expert help just a phone call away is one of the largest benefits of an international health insurance plan and can literally be a life-saver. Your insurance providers will not only get you to the nearest hospital but will also be on hand to deal with your bill or any unforeseen issues with the hospital. That is a peace of mind that is worth the monthly premium itself.

Customize Your Vietnam Health Insurance Plan

We are fortunate to be living in a world of many choices. Personal Vietnam health insurance plans can give you the option to customize your package to ideally suit your requirements and budget. Ensuring your package gives you access to the nation’s best international hospitals and covers both accidents and medical emergencies are essential. Even if you are a retiree or someone with chronic illnesses or pre-existing conditions, we can help you to find a viable option that works for you and your situation.

You can customize your package to include yourself and your family. Your plan can cover blood tests, other diagnostic tests, scans, and even prescriptions. You can even add dental care to your package if you need to. The choice is yours! 

Are you living in Vietnam as an expat or working here? Are you a retiree or a frequent visitor? If you are one of the above, contact us directly today so we can help you find and customize a Vietnam health insurance plan that covers everything you need, giving you the ultimate hassle-free experience. 


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